Kelvington Mobile Health Services (KMHS) is a full service ambulance company that provides emergency treatment and transport, medical transportation, residential visitations, public education, and mobile public health clinics.

For more information about Kelvington Mobile Health Services, its History, its Fleet of Vehicles, or its Staff, please feel free to explore our website. To get in touch with Kelvington Mobile Health Services, please visit our Contact page or consult the information below.

September Stats:

  • Interfacility Transports: 10
    911 responses: 8
    2nd Unit Utilization: 5

August Stats:

  • Interfacility Transports: 15
    911 responses: 9
    2nd Unit Utilization: 2

July Stats:

  • Interfacility Transports: 20
    911 responses: 11
    2nd Unit Utilization: 7

June Stats:

  • Interfacility Transports: 25
    911 responses: 18
    2nd Unit Utilization: 9
  • 3rd unit Utilization: 1