1. How are ambulance costs calculated?
    There are three components to ambulance user fees. The basic charge is included on every invoice; the mileage charge is a fee per kilometre travelled by the ambulance from its departure from the base to return; finally, there is a waiting time charge included if the ambulance and crew must wait for their client while diagnostic tests are being conducted or treatments provided. Sometimes they wait may be several hours only for the ambulance to be sent home because it was decided to admit their client to hospital.
  2. What are the current ambulance fees?
    The last change in ambulance fees occurred in 2011, the current rates are: Basic fee $325.00 Mileage fee $2.30/km Waiting time fee $40.00/half hour or portion thereof.
  3. How are ambulance fees decided?
    The cost for ambulance service is determined by Saskatchewan Health and the Health Region. The ambulance operator has no control over what is charged for service.
  4. Does my insurance cover cost for ambulance services?
    There are many insurance companies that have varying policies regarding what is and is not covered under the policy. Check with your insurance company to determine if you are covered.
  5. My insurance company requires a copy of my ambulance invoice, where can I get one?
    Your invoice will be mailed to you within a month of your ambulance trip. Do not lose this invoice.
  6. I need a receipt as proof of payment, will I get one?
    You will have a receipt mailed to you within a day of receiving your payment in the mail.
  7. I can’t afford the cost for service and I don’t have insurance. What do I do?
    It is not unusual for ambulance costs for service to reach $2000.00. Our policy is to not charge interest or file for small claims court provided that the client is making some effort to pay their invoice. Contact us to make payment arrangements and we will accommodate your situation as best we can. Additionally, ambulance service is an income tax deductible medical expense. Finally, many insurance policies include ambulance services in their basic package and can cost as little as $25.00 per month.
  8. What is the average response time?
    Kelvington MHS uses on-call services, staff are to be at the Ambulance Station within 6 minutes of being called. From there, response time varies according to distance and weather conditions
  9. How do I call for an ambulance?
    In an emergency situation, always call 9-1-1. Remain calm; answer the questions and give your address clearly. Ambulance staff can respond better if they know details about the situation before they arrive.Also, in rural areas, it is important to know your land location or GPS coordinates. Turn on an outside light or make some other way to be as visible as possible to the paramedics. Clear as big a path to the patient as possible. Prepare a list of the patent’s medications or bag them to send with the patient. A family member may often accompany the patient in the ambulance.